In the planning phase, we have a Brand workshop where we ask introspective questions about who you are and who you want to be, as well as provide insightful data on market trends and target audiences. We got this down to a science by providing the following:

Brand Identity & Stories

Your story holds power and potential. It is our job to get to the heart of that story to learn who you are and why your brand exists. From there, we create a logo that represents this story so it can reach the right ears.

Brand Guidelines

This is where the parameters for your font, color palette, images, scalability, and dimensions of your logo are determined. We believe marketing with consistency and continuity provides clarity for internal and external audiences.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media can feel like the Wild West of marketing. Our creative problem-solvers tackle this challenge with carefully laid out plans. You can feel confident to plunge into this ever-evolving world with our consumer-based knowledge and expert strategy.

Market Research

We analyze trends and competitors to identify areas where your brand can grow, whether this is expanding your digital presence or revising your brand offerings to engage consumers in new ways. We believe the best plans and ideas are established by intelligence and insight.

Brand Activation & Alignment

Brand vision statement, strategy and promise are all an integral part of creating trust and loyalty with your consumers. We partner with you to create a strong brand that is characterized by conviction, consistency and connection with your target audience.

Creative Direction

Like it or not, your brand is heading in a direction with every decision you make. We want to help you take your brand on an intentional path with creative vision guiding you every step of the way. From employee buy-in and internal discussions to why external audiences should trust your brand, we want to give you the peace of mind you are moving in the right direction.

Target Audience Analysis

Your brand is meeting a need. Who is going to trust your brand to meet this need? Through target audience analysis, we give you a deep understanding of your consumers and what motivates them. Our goal in this process is to provide you with the tools to create strong relationships with your consumers.

This is the phase you’ve probably been waiting for — the one where you can see your hard-earned marketing efforts turn into tangible results. To help you measure your growth and understand your ROI, we offer the following:

Content and Automation Planning

Publishing content manually on various platforms can be a time-consuming task, and as the saying goes, time is money. We partner with you to automate content and create a posting schedule that will keep your message consistent, save time and money and increase brand awareness and positive interactions.

SEO and Social Media

There’s no surprise that where your brand shows up on a Google search result page can make or break your brand. Social media is another outlet consumers conduct searches, as well as content that can be pulled on search engines. We know the right content is the catalyst of quality SEO, and we will take the right measures to make your brand accessible.

Paid Advertising and Remarketing

We work within your budget and utilize our established designs to facilitate a larger consumer base. When someone is searching for the need you provide, we want your brand to generate business. We will carefully place those ads so that you can build the right relationships.

Email and Direct Mail Marketing

We provide email and direct marketing campaigns that will continue to reinforce your message, create connections and encourage sales growth.

We approach each project with a discover, design and deployment phase, and tailor what this looks like for each client.


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